Domestic Supply

We have a comprehensive range of hydro-geological maps that usually allow us to provide a quotation simply on receipt of a postcode. If we are unsure of the hydro-geology, we will recommend a borehole prognosis is obtained from the British Geological Survey and upon which our proposals will be based. If we feel that the geology at a site is better suited to an alternative type of drilling, for example rotary techniques, we will advise the client to seek a quotation from someone who has the necessary plant and expertise.

Our standard rigs allow us to access and work in small areas. As long as car can drive there we can drill there. In certain circumstances we can carry our demountable drilling rig through a standard doorway or down an alley to gain access to the site.

H. D. Services Ltd has gained quality assurance recognition by way of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 accreditation. We have senior staff that have worked in the well drilling industry, both in the field and at management level, for more than 35 years. We can drill at diameters ranging from 460 to 150 mm and to depths of up to 150 metres.

In addition to boreholes we can install pressurised water supply systems for both commercial and private use, including irrigations systems for domestic gardens or nurseries. If you would like more detailed information, please refer to the Contact Us page and telephone our offices.