Thank you for visiting H D Services LTD. Our web site is intended to give potential clients an insight to the services we offer.

We aim to provide the highest quality, sewage treatment systems and servicing available.  Our clients depend on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements and we in turn associate ourselves with only those suppliers that have a similar ethos.  We are committed to completing contracts on time and using only directly employed labour and have obtained BS-EN ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation in this regard.

Since 1984 H D Services LTD has been installing sewage treatment systems.  Several years ago we introduced the HD-SM Sewage Treatment System, the final effluent from which is suitable for passing into ground or a ditch or a watercourse subject to Environment Agency Consent.  The consent is an important document and should be filed with the deeds to the property.
Initial designs are set to achieve a discharge standard of 20:30:10 (BOD:SS:NH4) but increased standards can be accommodated by internal adjustments or additional chambers.  Three months after commissioning a courtesy visit is conducted to confirm compliance with the discharge consent.   All systems are covered by a full 12 month warranty that can be extended.
Our expertise covers not only the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of sewage treatment plants but also septic tank installation and modification.  We construct soakaways in accordance with Environment Agency requirements; be it a soakaway borehole, land drains, soakaway chamber or connection to a surface water ditch.


If a sewage system is required, you may have an architect who will recommend a manufacturer. The manufacturer then specifies the system that your builder installs and the system is serviced by a local servicing engineer.  The Environment Agency tests the discharge and find it is failing, you call the servicing engineer who says the builder installed it wrong, the builder says the supplier is at fault who in turn says the architect specified the wrong system and the architect says it has not been serviced correctly.  We at H D Services LTD design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and service our systems so if there is ever a problem only one call is necessary.