Our systems; whether a complete system or an addition to a settlement tank, are design specifically for each site taking in to account BOD loadings and flow using figures published by British Water and adopted by the Environment Agency.  None of our systems employ electrical or mechanical parts beneath the covers of the chambers, thus avoiding problems associated with wear of electrical or mechanical apparatus in a highly corrosive atmosphere.  The treatment process is powered by small air blowers housed in separate ‘beehives’ or kiosks situated adjacent to the plant and energised by a 230 volt electrical supply from a nearby power source.  The primary, treatment and clarifier sections of the process are contained within underground chambers, with access covers at ground level.  If extraordinary pipework invert levels or discharge points are encountered, the difficulties can usually be overcome by installation of a final effluent airlift within the clarifier section or a submersible pump within a combined sampling and pumping chamber.
Treatment is achieved by separating the solids from the liquids within the primary settlement section.  The effluent liquor then has air introduced to it in the biozone section.  This aerobic action causes bacteria to grow on a filter media, which consume the soluble organic contaminants.  The filter media also helps to remove suspended solids in the effluent liquor, then moves on to the clarifier section.  This final settlement section separates the ‘dead’ biomass before the liquor discharges.
The HD-SM submerged media filtration process is a modern and efficient system that can be readily expanded by internal modifications or additional chamber should the loadings increase or the Environment Agency revise the discharge consent standard.  Please note that H D Services LTD use only directly employed labour and take full responsibility for all aspects of the contract.  We design, supply, install, commission and services our sewage treatment systems, as a result of which we can guarantee the discharge will meet the standard set by the Environment Agency provided the system is used and maintained in accordance with our basic operating procedures.  A sewage system can normally be manufactured at approximately 2 weeks notice with installation commencing shortly thereafter.
H D Services LTD have installed hundreds of their HD-SM systems throughout southeast England.  The company is BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 accredited and potential sites are visited, without obligation or charge, to provide a unique economic design for the loading parameters concerned.  Projects range from single households to large estates, business parks, farms, schools, caravan sites, hotels and public houses.